Sweet whey powder


Milk Fat max.1,5%

Protein(on total basis)

Lactose approx 65%

Ash max 8,5%

Moisture max 4%

Solubility max 1,25

Scorched Particles disc A,B


Total plat count in 1 g, not more than:  10 000

Salmonella:  Absent in 25g

Moulds in 1 g:  100

Listeria monocytogenes, w 25g:  Absent

E. coli, in 1 g:  Absent in 1 g




Whey powder can be sued to production of food concentrates, confectionary and bakery industry, processed cheese..

Product is not fit for consumption for people with milk protein allergy, diabetics.



Packed in 3-ply or 4-ply paper bags with polyethylene innerliner approved for food products.

Bags with total 25 kg (gross weight 25,40 kg) on pallets strech foil wrapped.

1000 kg big-bags on pallets. Big-bags made of polyprophylene with coating and 4 lifting handles.






Storage conditions: in temp. below 20ºC, humidity max 75%, in dry and col warehouse, on clean and weeden pallets with distance from a wall of  10 cm.


Shelf life:

Shelf life: 15  months.